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Womb Wellness

sacred female space

for women of all ages

Suzanne J Lawson

Having healed herself from a

sufferer of gynaecological pain all her life, going undiagnosed for almost 30 years, Suzanne has now designed programs and training for women.

Wellness to Womb


Yoga and Meditation Teacher

Certified Women's Health Coach

Blended training with modern psychology including Indian, Japanese and Chinese medicine.


1:1 Yoga in person or on line

Training Programs

Subscription Service

1:1 Coaching Programs

Client Testimonials

"Suzanne is a fantastic yoga teacher. I have had several one to one sessions tailored for me"


Alex Mac

“For the first time I feel connected to my body”

Heather Nyoni

“Suzanne is brilliant at explaining the why!”

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Whispers of the Womb

Welcome to Whispers of the Womb, a podcast where we delve deep into the sacred realm of womb wellness. Join us as we embark on a transformative journey with insightful interviews featuring inspiring women, compassionate coaches, nurturing yoga teachers, and holistic healers. Our conversations will explore a myriad of topics, from the profound art of self-care and holistic healing practices to empowering discussions on menstrual health, fertility, and the magic of menopause. Tune in to discover the wisdom of ancestral traditions and modern insights that foster womb health and vitality.

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On Line Training

Hormonal Health and Wellbeing

Join me to discover the essence of limbic wellness and why managing your limbic health supports hormonal imbalances. Click HERE to sign up.

Movement and Nutrition

To move just 20 minutes per day and manage a high protein diet will kick start your emotional, physical and mental wellbeing. Click HERE to sign up.

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